SEO Tool Now Available

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Getting found online is a multi-faceted process, involving a well-structured website, clean code, inbound links, and lots of stellar content.

With all the moving parts, it can become overwhelming to quantify a true SEO scorecard for your business. Free analytics software is great for high-level data, but most businesses require much more finely tuned information to make intelligent marketing decisions.

Our Choice: SEOProfiler

After significant research and testing, our team at Keener Marketing Solutions has decided to recommend SEOProfiler, a leading cloud-based SEO tool. We’ve already set up many of our top clients and are quickly seeing excellent results. SEOProfiler gathers multiple data points and helps marketers (like us) make even better recommendations to clients. Information tracked by this tool, includes:

  • Total visibility score
  • Ranking for specific keywords on search engines
  • Landing page tracking
  • Inbound web link monitoring
  • Low hanging fruit, such as undervalued keywords

Keener Marketing Solutions’ clients receive the added benefit of insightful data and analytics. It’s just another way we show our clients how much we care about their online success.

Not already an SEOProfiler user? Contact us for more information.