News Officially Launches

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Today, we’re excited to officially announce the launch of is an exciting new service from Keener Marketing Solutions, designed specifically for the needs of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies.

Having worked for countless technology companies, we’ve realized that many SaaS firms have the need for better content marketing. makes it easy (and affordable) for tech firms to scale their content marketing.

To learn more about our service and to pick a blogging plan level, click here.

Celebrating Six Great Years (So Far)!

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It’s hard to believe, but in July 2016, Keener Marketing Solutions, LLC will officially turn six years old.

Since starting the company in 2010, we have had the distinct privilege of serving dozens of great clients worldwide. Many of our clients are technology firms (particularly those in the Software as a Service industry), but we’ve also helped many others in professional services, publishing, and other industries.

Here’s to six great years – and many more to come.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have made this possible.

SEO Tool Now Available

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Getting found online is a multi-faceted process, involving a well-structured website, clean code, inbound links, and lots of stellar content.

With all the moving parts, it can become overwhelming to quantify a true SEO scorecard for your business. Free analytics software is great for high-level data, but most businesses require much more finely tuned information to make intelligent marketing decisions.

Our Choice: SEOProfiler

After significant research and testing, our team at Keener Marketing Solutions has decided to recommend SEOProfiler, a leading cloud-based SEO tool. We’ve already set up many of our top clients and are quickly seeing excellent results. SEOProfiler gathers multiple data points and helps marketers (like us) make even better recommendations to clients. Information tracked by this tool, includes:

  • Total visibility score
  • Ranking for specific keywords on search engines
  • Landing page tracking
  • Inbound web link monitoring
  • Low hanging fruit, such as undervalued keywords

Keener Marketing Solutions’ clients receive the added benefit of insightful data and analytics. It’s just another way we show our clients how much we care about their online success.

Not already an SEOProfiler user? Contact us for more information.

Marketing Automation Services, Partnership Announced

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Keener Marketing Solutions, LLC is proud to formally announce the availability of marketing automation services. Services offered now include:

  • Marketing automation strategy development
  • Campaign mapping & planning
  • Nurture campaign content development
  • Lead routing and scoring
  • CRM synchronization
  • Landing page development

Although marketing automation services are available for most systems, the company specializes in assisting with Marketo / Salesforce and Infusionsoft implementations.

Request a Free Marketing Automation Consultation

Most clients we serve could benefit from Infusionsoft’s CRM and marketing automation suite, which is why we’re also proud to announce our partnership with Wes Schaeffer (aka The Sales Whisperer). Wes is a top Infusionsoft developer, and we’re proud to partner with his company to bring your organization best-in-class marketing automation.

Find Out if Marketing Automation is Right for You Features KMS

Posted by on September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Features KMS is the leading authority for all things…well, entrepreneurial. Naturally, our team at Keener Marketing Solutions, LLC was honored when the brand featured Matt Keener as a guest contributor in August.

Even more exciting, plans to feature more content from Matt in the near future. Check Matt’s author profile on for more details.

Announcing Our Relationship with Allocadia

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To better serve the needs of its clients’ marketing budgeting processes, Keener Marketing Solutions, LLC, has announced a new relationship with Allocadia, the industry’s leading cloud-based marketing planning software.

As part of the relationship, Keener Marketing Solutions will be promoting Allocadia to its clients and blog subscribers.

“Allocadia is a unique software application and fills an important need for many small and mid-sized companies. I’ve personally witnessed how marketing budgeting and planning can be a drain on an organization’s productivity. By implementing Allocadia, organizations are able to be much more strategic in their planning activities.”

~Matt Keener, President Keener Marketing Solutions, LLC

Learn More About Allocadia

Content Marketing Institute Guest Blog Appearance

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We’re pleased to announce that our President, Matt Keener, was recently featured as a guest blogger by the prestigious Content Marketing Institute.

Read Matt’s article, titled “Building a Virtual Content Creation Team:  4 Secrets”.

To download the Virtual Content Staffing Matrix, click here.

About the Content Marketing Institute:

The Content Marketing Institute strives to help educate its readers on the how-to of content marketing. As stated on the organization’s website, “We believe the more you know about content marketing, and how to integrate it into your organization, the better you will market…attracting and retaining more and happier customers.” At time of publication, CMI had nearly 100,000 subscribers, fans, and followers, making it one of the most widely read marketing blogs in the world.

KMS Launches New Mobile-Friendly Site

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Welcome to the new mobile-friendly site for Keener Marketing Solutions, LLC.  Since we’re routinely launching mobile-friendly sites for clients, we thought it was time to do one of our own.  Let us know what you think!