marketing snapshotSo what exactly is a “Marketing Audit” and why does my company need one?
We’re glad that you asked! Anecdotal evidence suggests that companies often overstate the perceived effectiveness of their in-house branding/marketing efforts. As business owners, we can become so consumed with the many other urgent facets of our organizations, continuously paying attention to our “marketing” and image can often fall to the wayside. Although business may be booming, there are always things that can (and should) be done to consistently enhance image, customer satisfaction, and other marketing efficiencies.

By allowing us to take an independent “snapshot” of your current marketing programs, you can stay focused on running your business. We will review your entire organization from a birds-eye view and provide suggestions for a winning path forward. This is then wrapped into a comprehensive Marketing Audit report for internal review with your team. Count on Keener Marketing Solutions’ years of marketing experience for your next (or first!) Marketing Audit.

…Matt and the team did an excellent job…thanks again…

Jeff Meltzer, President, Universal Hardwood

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